Garmin Edge 800 w/maps & touch screen


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May 28, 2006
California/Tokyo Japan/Okinawa
Wow this carbon faced finish touch screen Garmin is sexy and cheaper than the Edge 705 when it came it. I am getting one!

Garmin's Edge 800 GPS has nearly all of the same functions as their Edge 705, save for the wireless sharing of data from one unit to another. But if you're addicted to the latest technology, you'll love that it comes with the convenience and ease of a waterproof, rugged 2.6" touchscreen. The full color display is as easy to see in the bright daylight as it is at night, so should you choose to pay attention as you get yourself lost in new territory, you won't have to strain to see the route unfold. And you can see as much or as little info as you like with customizable screens.


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any idea

when it will be on the market ?

The function where the Edge 800 will map out the route after one simply inputs the address is probably one that won't be usable in this least not until the Japanese version of this gadget will be out (at a steeply-inflated price).

I haven't had much luck with other Garmin devices but this one looks like a must-have...