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Review Garmin Dual HRM - buyer beware

I purchased it on Amazon in May. There was no indication it was a parallel import.
Sorry to hear, Chuck.

In my experience, Japanese distributors are extremely anal in this respect and would even refuse the smallest of services. I once asked POC's Japanese distributor for a JCBF sticker for my helmet and was told off. And not even politely (for Japanese standards). The second time they wouldn't even respond to my email: I wanted new pads for my helmets and I was willing to pay for them. The European distributor priority shipped them to me free of charge!

I have heard (and seen first-hand) quite a lot that Amazon has a systemic problems with knock-offs. Sometimes I saw weird listings of the same item, both of which looked official and with very similar prices. One of them would be e. g. "Wahoo Store" and the other some katakanized version that looked close-to-identical. I always suspected that one of them wasn't official. Perhaps that's how you got your hands on a gray import.

As far as heart rate monitors are concerned: the best ones to my knowledge are made by Polar. Wahoo's Tickrs work, but they have a tendency to break after a while. I have replaced my Wahoo Tickr with a Polar H10 about a year ago.
I guess it's just me. Must be bad karma or something. Bought the Wahoo Tickr HRM. It started giving erratic readings 3 or 4 weeks ago. Lights on top not flashing. Changed out the OEM battery for a new one. Rode one ride and seemed better but when I hopped on the trainer this morning, no connection. Checked the battery again and found corrosion on the contacts and circuitry in the battery casing. Replaced the battery, did a ride, and sure enough, sweat had collected inside the casing. Fortunately, the Tickr only cost 6,600 yen, but still, purchased in mid August and now its already FUBAR. (FWIW, I carefully checked to make sure the cover had been closed all the way, but still the sweat got through.) I'm about to give up on HRMs.

The battery cover does have an O-ring? If Wahoo won't take care of it for you I can give you a good deal on a Polar H7.
The battery cover does have an O-ring? If Wahoo won't take care of it for you I can give you a good deal on a Polar H7.
No o-ring.

DM me on the Polar H7. Might be interested.
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