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Garmin battery life


Maximum Pace
Dec 14, 2006
I am looking at a long slow 24hr ride early next week, weather permitting, and am wondering about battery life on the Garmin 705. Never really stretched it out before as most of my rides and runs are short 2-3 hr rides at the max and that was a long time ago. What sort of battery life can I expect and any tips for extending the battery life? Appreciate any comments. Cheers KS.
Cheers for that so I guess I will have information for only half the ride, bummer. :(
Does turning it on and off intermittently work? Probably not.
Yes, you can turn the device on and off as you like. If you want it to record when it is on, you need to press start every time (and I would press stop before switching it off). You will get one recording. The only problem is that if you move in between places while it is off, you get a straight-line for that distance and the altitude measurement on the connect site is completely confused by all the mountains in between. The device itself keeps adding correctly, so you can rely on the display reading.

I think a new battery may last up to 18 hours, at least in my experience. However, this is only the case if you don't use the navigation function which costs power every time you get a prompt or it is recalculating the route when you don't follow it perfectly.

Also, if you let the unit crash with low battery, it will lose the last trip's recording completely. And there is no way of saving it other than plugging the device into a computer. This is incredibly stupid of Garmin!
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