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May 22, 2007
So, are most of you getting more than two or three years use out of your gps computers?
So far that's about right for me - but usually because I've wanted to upgrade rather because the device broke - and then I sold the old one or passed it on to a friend.

Garmin eTrex -> eTrex Vista HCx (color maps, yay!) -> Edge 705 (sensors - I can dump the Polar watch) -> Edge 800 (nicer screen) -> Edge 810 (better processor, Bluetooth, still have it, still works) -> Edge 1000 (happy with it).

Edge 1030 is packed with training/performance/connectivity/social features that don't interest me at this time. Released in mid-2017, so the next 1XXX flagship product might be in the pipeline. I'll be interested to see what Garmin come up with, but it'll likely be more of the same. What I'd really like is some intelligent on-the-fly routing, e.g., a button for "take me to X the best way".


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Feb 7, 2011
What I'd really like is some intelligent on-the-fly routing, e.g., a button for "take me to X the best way".
DC Rainmaker shows the 530 and 830 able to reroute to chosen locations on the fly using heatmap data to do it. Sounds good in theory. Apparently the 830 lets you search for local POIs and then routes you to them.
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Oct 25, 2011
Setagaya, Tokyo
I'm really happy with my o_synce Navi2coach (N2C), even though I'm already on the third one (on each of the previous two the USB port wore out - it would charge but recognizing it as a storage device from a PC became hit and miss).

I've had issues with separate ANT+ cadence / speed sensors while the combined unit on my Bike Friday worked fine. But once I omitted those sensors on my Elephant Bikes NFE and only use GPS for speed (the biggest drawback is that it doesn't count distance through tunnels), it is rock solid. Recording rides of just about any length works 100% of the time and that is all that matters to me. I sold my previous Garmin after it lost two rides of 300+ km.

The N2C doesn't do on-the-fly routing. It doesn't have maps (hey, I ride with two smartphones). The only navigation it offers is following an uploaded breadcrumb trail, but that is absolutely bulletproof and much better to use than a phone since the GPS screen is always on and low power.

The screen itself is not the greatest, but it works in any weather, rain or shine. No issues with gloves on the button-operated user interface (who needs touch screens for GPS recording?).

Lots of GPS units are made with a big list of features that sound sexy, but many of them don't work, or only work sometimes. The N2C isn't like these. Its feature list has all the essentials and not much more. If you want a GPS unit that can reliably record rides and help you navigate along pre-selected routes in the flash memory, I can highly recommend it. I just wish the USB port would be a bit more robust.
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