Sold! Garmin 705 with Japan UUD Maps v2 + Power CAL Hrm & extras


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May 25, 2009
Right I'm selling my trusty Garmin 705 as I no longer need it.

Garmin 705 this unit was replaced by Garmin Japan due the original dying on me and was hardly used after that due to having a 500 (now a 510)

What you get;

Garmin 705 Edge

Garmin head unit mount

Garmin GSC10 unit for working out actual ground speed and cadence

Wheel magnet and Crank Magnet

Garmin 'hard' strap Heart rate monitor

Spare internal battery (For when the original finally dies) the battery is for the Garmin 705.

UpUpDown Complete map pack of Japan v2

Ant+ Wireless transmitter USB Dongle

Selection of charging units and USB cable.

Cycleops POWERCAL heart Rate Monitor and Wattage calculator.

I'm looking for 30,000 JPY ono
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