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Help Fulcrum 5 repair


Maximum Pace
Jul 23, 2010
Two spokes snapped on my rear fulcrum 5 wheel today. As far as I can gather (it happened rather quickly), one spoke snapped for some unexplained reason, the wheel shifted over to the derailleur side, where a second spoke got sucked in to the derailleur and snapped.

I've heard that fulcrum wheels are costly to repair, and that it's difficult to source parts. Does anyone have any direct experience with this? If so, can you give me an estimated price and time-frame?


Maximum Pace
Oct 11, 2009
PM'd you. Fulcrums are great wheels , but like most reduced spoke wheels that are 2:1 constructed, a bit finicky to tune and you need to use high tension capable spokes. Fulcrum wheels changed configuration almost every year since 2008 , so the exact parts will be dependent on the exact configuration. Sourcing is through Fulcrum directly and not really that hard, it just takes some time to get the parts shipped. Some EU vendors will stock the spoke kits, btw, as they are more popular there. Full spoke / nipple repair kits cost about 100eu last I checked. And you can get mini-kits for them that have 5 spokes and nipples for less.
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