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Fukuoka Road cycling


Jul 26, 2009
Hello All
I am heading to Fukuoka in a month and am thinking about taking my bicycle and doing some cycling. I have read previous articles about cycling in the Kyushu area but does any one have any suggestions for some cycling routes around Fukuoka, It is my third time to Fukuoka and I say in Kamo.
Please advise whether I should give up the idea of cycling or not. I am an avid cyclist whom likes to put in from 40-60 miles a day and coming form NYC I do not have trouble with high travelled roads.
Drop a line to Joe: This is one of his posts on Kyushu.
"Hello all you bike wranglers.
I know these roads, after about 10 years riding them!
From Kagoshima to Kita Kyushu.

I have a bike tour company but for rider ex-pats in Japan with nothing between them and starvation but a job and a bike, I am at you (garbage!) disposal.
Please feel free to contact me for road advice, a place to stay, and anything! I am kuwashi on Kyushu.
Joe Reinhart, www.japanbikenhike.com

And welcome to TCC.
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