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Fujimi Panorama trips


May 25, 2008
Anyone in Tokyo wanting to go out to Fujimi Panarama?
I want to start up a regular sunday trip out there, if anyone is interested let me know.


Would def be interested in heading out there on the weekends, am based in Tokyo so let me know - sounds good!

Wow, not many people wanting to go to Fujimi?

They are having a special event this weekend, I had to work yesterday, so couldn't really go....

But I want to go , any ideas of how to best get up there??? sans car???
Can't be bothered to rent a car if just me.
I was there on Saturday for the first time, it didn't seem that crowded. Though, a storm rolled in around 1300 and the gondola closed. We left around 1430ish and the gondola was still closed, hopefully some people got a few last runs in before the place shut down for the day.

I was surprised at all the kits up there and the tent city, I think a lot of it is social as well as riding.

We drove and it took about 3 hours from the Yamato area.
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