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Sep 3, 2017
I know there's been a lot of posts about mt fuji but I've got a couple of questions.

Trying to suss it all out from Google maps and the few articles online.

I'm in yokosuka for a few days in October and I would like to do a ride up to the 5th station subaru line.

I'm only going to get the chance to do one ride so if like to make it something big.

First off is the road up open in October?

Would public transport from yokosuka be a good option to get close?
Then I'm guessing that it's the road that goes past the fuji subaru land and up the mountain.

Is there a toll on the road if you are cycling up?

Thanks for all the help with answering any of my questions.


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Apr 8, 2008
The climbing season from the 5th station closed last weekend.

However, you can still ride up to that point.

During the climbing season, no cars are allowed (only bikes and buses). But cars are probably allowed from this week.

I went up there on Friday and the charge was 200 yen.

It's an easy climb. But carry some warm gear for the descent.

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Dec 22, 2016
To add to andywood's reply; the closest station to the Fuji Subaru Line would be Kawaguchiko Station or Fuji san station. If you want to do a short ride up and down the 5th station, you may start your ride from these stations (Pack your bike in a bike bag and catch a train. It would be around 54 Kms round trip). If you want to make the trip longer, you may go for some other station as your starting point.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the stretch of road from the Toll plaza till the top only has one pit stop (There are rest rooms along the way but no water source) so make sure you have adequate food/water with you. Since you'll be doing this trip in Oct; that shop may close as well.

All in all, the ride itself has 2, 3 great view points; other than that I found it a bit dull. The downhill was exhilarating though.
Sep 14, 2017

I live in Yokohama, north of Yokosuka. I climbed Mt. Fuji twice and never used the train. Climbing Fuji itself doesn't take too long, you'd spend a lot more time on the train. I guess that's not what you want. Weather in October should be just fine (not if there's a Taifun). Roundtrip Yokosuka - Fuji - Yokosuka would be around 280km. Going back and forth on the same route. First, along the seaside, then climbing up to Hakone (that one is much tougher than Fuji itself), then going through Gotemba, followed by a long but not too step climb up to Lake Yamanaka, then to Fuji. I've done that route. Once arrived on top of Fuji, going back home is more easy. There's just one climb from Gotemba back up to Hakone, but not too bad.

I was at the 5th station in the End of August and it gets quite chilly up there, while it was still 30 degrees on the bottom. I had a rain jacket for the descent, that was just fine. Only my feet got very cold. For the way up to Fuji, I was totally fine with 2x750ml bottles. There are vending machines on the way. The climb is not very steep, just long. I was fine by having a gel before ascending.

Yeah the toll is 200 Yen.

I'll probably climb Mt. Fuji another couple of times this year. If you consider yourself in good shape, we could ride together.

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