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May 11, 2010
Hello everyone. If anyone has a race number for this year's Fuji Hill Climb (the full 24 km race) and wants to give it up I'll be happy to try to put in a good time in your name. I thought I would be out of Japan at the time of the race so didn't register this year, but am keen to join now I'll be around. Thanks so much. Aaron.
Hi Aaron, Oh my god!!!!
Don't say we had a conversation yesterday around 6pm about the new tyre(continental????).:eek:
I'm joining this race with Phil/Andy/Keren, hope you could get an extra bib. We'll gonna stay in same Ryokan and if you wanna stay too, let me know.
hi there! sorry for my late reply. it's a coincidence: i did have a conversation about a tyre the day before i posted that post but it was with someone else i'm fairly sure... next time!
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