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From Tokyo to Hamamatsu

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Jun 22, 2008
When I arrived in Japan in 1998, I worked the first two years in Hamamatsu/Shizuoka in the factory of a now famous Swiss elevator company. I was transferred to Tokyo in 2000 and since I am returning to Germany in a few weeks, I thought it might be a nice idea to ride from Tokyo to Hamamatsu on my bike as a conclusion of my stay in Japan. As the distance between the two cities is about 270 km which is hard to ride within one day, I decided to split the trip into two legs. On Saturday evening I rode from Tokyo to Yokohama and on Sunday I did the remaining stretch.

Note: This post is dedicated to the Yellow Giant aka Travis who rode from Tokyo to Nagoya on road 246 and 1 in January this year. He has my full respect as he had stayed on the man roads for more than 400km. As the end point of his journey was the house of his parents in law, I still suspect that the main purpose of his ride was to have an convenient excuse to do absolute nothing there but to lie around, watch TV and eat good food. Also, when asked next year if he will come again, he might answer: "Again? I cannot ride there every year!".

Well, actually I enjoyed the last squash match of my life at the TAC with a friend and rode home on my bike afterwards. The next morning I woke up at 5 AM in fabulous shape, ready to roll.

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A most epic ride M o b glad that you were finally able to do it.
Good times!

Hey Mob,
It sounds like you had a very eventful ride.
Remember, I was only able to stay on Rte.1 for so long because I rode from Numazu to Hamamatsu between 11pm - 7am! Almost no traffic.
Also, if the weather report says anything about hail, I will usually stay at home.
If the weather report says anything about ichigo-girls and Rick Astley, I usually stay at home and take my temperature - then call my therapist.
I bet your trip was much more scenic than mine though.
Great report!
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