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From the ferry at Kurihama to Fujiyoshida

Screaming Lord

Jan 4, 2014
Hi. I've been looking at the map/internet planning a route, but obviously you can't beat experience. I was looking for advice on either of the 2 routes I have planned or a better option if you have any ideas. 1st route is to follow the coast from Hayama on rte 134 to Sagami Bay. Then head north on rte 61,63,64 and join rte 413 at Aonohara. Then rte 729 around lake Yamanakako and onto rte 138. (135km) The second option was rte 134,1 then head north on rte 709 through Nakai. Onto rte 77,72 through Matsuda. Onto rte 246,151,158. (119km) although this looked a bit busier. I would prefer the route there to be the easiest for climbing as I can always come back a different way mostly downhill. Any help/advice woulkd be greatly appreciated. :)
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