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From Seattle to Saitama


Jun 8, 2010
Hi! My name is Elisha and I will be moving to Saitama in early November of this year. I enjoy touring and ride mostly to commute, but want to get into racing, both road and cross. I've ridden across Washington State and back around Oregon, and plan on doing Seattle to San Fransisco late summer. I know it's still a ways ahead, but I wanted some advice on whether to bring my bike or not (a common question, I know). I would have to ship it to family opposed to carrying it on/checking it on the plane. I am a female and about 5'5, so finding a bike my size shouldn't be a problem. My current bike is more racing oriented, and I'm more interested in buying a touring bike and maybe a second one in the winter to start training for racing. Is there a women's team in TCC or any in general? As far as riding buddies go though, man/woman/trans/whatever I don't care I just want to meet chill people who want to shred :D. Thanks, Elisha


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Sep 1, 2007
Welcome to the club, Elisha!

In general, complete bikes are more expensive here, especially considering the yen-dollar rate these days, but as you say you won't have any problem finding bikes in your size and will have lots to choose from, including used bikes.

Incidentally, I'm sure you know this but you can take bikes onto the plane as oversized luggage for possibly less than it would cost to ship...

There's not much of a 'cross scene in Kanto, but there is a series I believe that is held in Saitama each winter, so you're in luck there.

There's no official TCC ladies' team (no official men's team, for that matter) but we have some strong female riders who spend a lot of time on the podium...


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Apr 26, 2010
Welcome Elisha! I love riding in the pacific northwest. I'm from Ohio, but I've had a few opportuities to ride, hike, and camp out that way. Seattle to San Francisco should be a great ride.


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Oct 13, 2007
Welcome, Elisha!

I'm a Seattle boy myself (does Bellevue count?), via Montana. Went to WWU in B'ham. Man, I wish I had been into cycling then. Probably wouldn't have graduated...

Anyway, plenty of opportunities to shred here, and lots of great folks to shred with. Pretty much every weekend. Give us a shout when you arrive!



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Oct 11, 2009
Hi Elisha - Tim here. The entire fixie community of TCC welcomes you,too. BTW - I'm a Seattle native (UW), raced with Rainbow Schwinn back in the day and rode many STPs, plus numerous coastal tours. I'd say hook yourself up with a new shiny Davidson and bring that here! Show T-Town what the local build is really like! BTW - you can combnie ALL your touring / winter training / shredding into a single bike -- its called a FIXIE!


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May 25, 2009
HAHAHAHA.... Bike Ghetto..... You will be assimilated.
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