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from Kyoto to Tokyo


Nov 23, 2011
I will visit Kyoto this month for my work. this is my 1st time in Japan
if I have a change, I will cycling from Kyoto to Tokyo.

I plan to see architecture and temple in city both Kansai and Kanto

As I know,its about 700-800 km. from Kyoto to Tokyo.

I dont know about a routh yet, now I just find information about building and temple that I want to see.

I dont have Garlin and maybe I dont have any gps gadget.
Would u please suggest me,how i can go from Kyoto to Tokyo?


Maximum Pace
Oct 7, 2011

i would recommend the train.

or the shin-meishin via keiji bypass (or meishin if that's closer), which will connect through the ise-wangan to the tomei and you are in. That's how I do it, anyway, but obviously not on a bicycle.

Bicycle, no idea. quite a lot in between. I'm sure others will have some useful input, but given you seem to want to do some sightseeing, finding those on a map would be a good start and then attack this as several small steps instead of a big bang A to B. I like using Mapples for maps (motorcycle maps) which show routes, points of interest. all in japanese though. And given the distance you'll need a couple to cover the area which will mean more weight.

Curious to hear what all you have planned so far.....

good luck.


toledo baha

Speeding Up
Jan 20, 2009
Hey Vendetta, if you use the custom search tool at the top of this site, you'll get plenty of hits for Kyoto-Tokyo or Tokyo-Kyoto rides.

I think a key point for the winter version of the trip is the west wind, which should be in your favour! Enjoy the tailwind and enjoy the trip!:bike:


Speeding Up
May 14, 2010
When I did my trip last summer I also didn't have any form of GPS/smartphone and ended up taking Route 1 the whole way. It is basically a straight route the whole way with a couple of short detours here and there. It took me 4 days on my single speed going at a pace of about 110km/day.

Half-Fast Mike

Lanterne Rouge-et-vert
May 22, 2007
...ended up taking Route 1 the whole way. It is basically a straight route the whole way
Oh, I can just hear Ludwig cringing.
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