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Speeding Up
Jun 13, 2007
Hi, all!

This Friday (20.03.2009), as a part of Kusatsu training, I'm planning to climb to o-toge, see what it's like up there and go back home :) Anyone willing to join?

The climb to O-toge is long (~15 km uphil) and relatively steep (7% avg.). It's the only big climb I have planned, so the energy should be saved for this baby, which means the pace for the rest of the ride won't be high. The other one (Odarumi) is not so hard but will have to ride it 2 times - from both sides.

Start - Hashimoto st., 10.00
Finish - Hashimoto st., 15.00 or earlier
Nothing fancy in between - route 20, Odarumi, Otsuki st., ~100km

Places where you can join -
- Hashimoto st.
- Takao st.
- Otsuki st. (right before the big climb)

The weather for Friday does not look too good now, but I hope it will get better tomorrow. Naturally, if there are any signs of rain in Yamanashi tomorrow evening, the ride will be cancelled (or moved to the next week's Monday or Tuesday, depending on weather conditions).

If there are no other rides, then it can be moved to Sunday, in case of rain on Friday.
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