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French in Tsukishima


Nov 2, 2011

Just moved back to Tokyo this September.
Right now just using my Marin Muirwoods 54cm for my daily commute to work.

My bike is naked rigth now I'm not even sure it's the right size, but I still enjoy riding to and from work everyday.

Goals are to build a better bike / equip my current bike to make sure I can ride it everyday to work (I need panier rain gear...) .

Also regarding tools and repair kit where to start?

Hopefully do some little tours around my place on the weekend to get fitter .

I have my eyes on a Surly LHT but money wise it will have to wait a little bit.

Would also like to know if there is any recommendation for LBS in Kachidoki Tsukishima Toyosu aera (or Chuo Ku in general)

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