Freakin &%#@ wind!


Speeding Up
Jul 23, 2011
Chiba City
Went to TGS yesterday and checked out SCV. Waitin for my chara to be announced and then I will be happy.

Hit the Edogawa today but this time did it from my house (didn't use the train).

Started out a little later than I wanted.

Going up river was smooth sailin- 30-36kph.

I decided I wanted to do about 100km today so turned around when my computer hit 50km.

Man that wind! Did notice that if I stayed in the hoods I could go faster but had to go down to my granny gear to keep 90rpm (about 20-26kph).

It was windy like that last time, is it always like that?

As the trail is elevated I think the wind is even worse.

On the way home (on the street) I started followin a Japanese guy on a Giant- it was great cause we both ride at about the same speed.
He was doin the hand signals for me (I need to know how to do em; I don't know much about em but could understand what they meant).

I wanted to give him my cell # but he took a turn and I shoulda followed but I didn't expect it and I wanted to finish my lap...
If you are out there guy contact me!

110.42km, 23.3 Av, 4:42:21 on the bike