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Freak Tire Explosion


Mar 2, 2011
so i got my new bike and have ridden it a few times with no probs. yesterday i inflated the tires to 9bar (they are vittoria rubinos and 10 bar is max)
after inflating them i ride a quick 4km to the video rental shop with no problems. I come home, put my bike in the genkan, eat dinner and watch a movie.


the yakuza are outside, wait no my tire exploded.

They had been sitting idle for at least 2 hours
what the hell

and man what a huge noise
Hmmm, possibly the tube was pinched between the tire and rim, unbeknownst to you? The big kaboom has happened to me before, too, while sleeping. It's a hell of an alarm clock!
yeah, my girlfriend had fallen asleep and smacked her head on the coffee table as she jumped up in surprise lol
It's happened to me too. Pretty sure the tube was pinched between the tire somewhere, and eventually it just gives.
I had that happen on my mountain bike when I shipped it to Japan, way back, the tubes and tires were on the wheels, just deflated. I unpacked the bike, assembled it and inflated the tires. I went for a ride and came back, maybe an hour later, same thing "BOOM" the neighbours were looking out the windows to see what the new gaijin had done :eek: When I went to replace the tube, I found it split along a seam about 12" long, so it looked like the tube just failed. The tube had one patch on it (not anywhere near the split seam) and was about 6 months old. Dunno why it happened, flaw in the tube I guess, I'm just happy it did not happen while I was riding the bike :eek:

Sure does make a heck of a bang :D
Sounds like the tube was trapped under the bead of the tyre. There's plenty of background on this on t'internet. It reinforces the importance of checking the tube is fully inside the tyre before inflating. While the bike is at a standstill it's loud and startling, but I would not want this to happen at speed!

Do you always make your girlfriend sleep under the coffee table? Harsh :)
It's not always possible, but for a newly put on tire/tube I like to fill it to about 80% or so and then let the air out, followed by working the deflated tire a little. Then inflate to 8-9 bar or whatever.

I've never done this with this particular "boom" thing in mind, just thought that it would allow the tube to kind of relax or creep into its final fully inflated position more naturally.

When I mentioned doing this a year or so ago, a person (or two?) here said they liked to do this 2-3 times before going to full inflation.
she fell asleep on the floor whilst watching a movie. I think shes part cat.

got a new tube in today, rode it and it seems ok. the inner tube i bought has a mega long valve though. i didnt notice till i installed it today.

getting the tire back on was a nightmare though. took me a good 30 mins. The inner tude had a slice about 3 inches long.
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