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Frame respray?


Feb 17, 2009
Hi guys,

Does anyone know where in Tokyo I could get an old Reynolds steel frame resprayed for a reasonable price? It doesn't have to be anything too fancy - I'd like to give my long-suffering commuting bike a new coat of paint - but in the few bike shops i've asked around in it seems to be quite an expensive procedure.

I live in Arakawa-ku, so anywhere North/East would be best.

Thanks for any and all suggestions,
If you just want a single color try asking about powder coating link here scroll down to see the E Mail address http://page10.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/m60742212.
Failing that do the prep and ask at a bodyshop if they could give it a spray with whatever color they are doing their next car with. I got good results with one of my carbon frames (kestrel) using rattle can sprays. Again lots of prep and repeated thin light coats. Best done in a bathroom with plastic up to protect the walls. Winter with it's low humidity is perfect for such a project. Check these guys out for a pro job. link to pricing page http://www.meito-paint.co.jp/custompaint08/paintcost/paintcost.HTM
grab this month's issue of LOOP magazine (fixed gear mag) and there is actually a section on refinishing your bike, be it yourself, powdercoating, paint. There are also shops in there they give you contact info for!
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