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May 17, 2023
So I am looking to attach some frame bags to my bike and it seems the bag makers all recommend I use some kind of frame protection to keep my glossy new paint from becoming dull or worn thru from the strap friction. My bike already has some stock transparent film in place where cables rub against and a Quick Look on Amazon shows there are similar pre cut sheets sold but at what seems to me like Crazy Rich Asian prices. But I did see this somewhat cheaper 3M roll tape is used by cyclists too. Any experience or other recommendations from the TCC oracles?
Thanks. Is this available in Japan? The 3M product number seems to be 8671 but the product name changes depending on country and the 3M Japan site is a Don Quixote- like maze made worse by the fact 3M licenses it's brand and product manufacturing to a myriad of worldwide sub contractors and distributors.
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