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Frame painting and restoration

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Maximum Pace
Apr 3, 2012
Any recommendations for local (Kanto) frame restoration? I've been thinking it's about time I get the lovely Schwinn Paramount I acquired from this site's classifieds restored to it's original glory. Basically I just want a simple single color paint job, if it's not too much trouble get the Paramount logo restored, and while I'm at it I want to get pump pegs and a second set of bottle cage bosses brazed on. The front fork also needs a tad bit of cold working as it seems to be smashed in a few millimeters causing the bike to pull left when ridden without hands.
Any recommendations where I can get this done all in one shot? Anywhere to avoid? The original seller recommended Ranavello, but just wondering if there are any other recommendations out there. Also anyone have any idea how much this would cost? My impression is that getting the braze ons done shouldn't cost too much if done in connection with the paint job. Is that correct? I could live without the pump pegs and extra water bottle if it's going to cost an arm and a leg to get it done.


Maximum Pace
Aug 28, 2012
I guess it was just a typo; but if not, you mean "Ravanello".

Mr Aoyama of HiRoad and I both thought for a short time that I might have a problem with a front fork; that turned out to be OK but he said that if there had been a problem he would have recommended that I ask at the mysteriously named "Rew10".


Maximum Pace
Oct 2, 2009
Rew10 doesnt paint himself and the paint shops don't do frame work. It's either or. If it's just painting, I would recommend Cookpaintworks or Swampthings. Vlad at equilibrium cycle works also doesn't paint himself, but should be able to work the frame and manage the painting for a good price.
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