frame group buy

Oct 29, 2008
hello! i`m a cyclist, English, living in Fukuoka! i`ve just set up a website for cheap stuff...

i`m also setting up a group buy on one of my frames... if anyones interested please mail me or reply here - if we can get 5 people into it, i can do this frame, with headset, fork and seat post and clamp - for somewhere around 11man, maybe cheaper... AND it comes in white or naked too, and we can personalize it with rider names, logos etc...

it`s T800 carbon, one of the best grades you can buy, and it`s a fine frame, good for racing or training. check the website for more details!

i don`t mean to offend anyone with this mail, i did mail the administrator about getting an advert on here, but haven`t got a reply...


Maximum Pace
Nov 4, 2006
Kawaguchi, Saitama

I'm an "L" - 55cm sloping TT (60cm flat).
And my wife rides an "S" - 45cm.
They look like decent frames, but more details would be good - weight, etc.
Oct 29, 2008
hi YellowGiant,

If you check out you can see the geometry chart.

Weight for the 57 is in at 995g, so the smaller sizes obv will be lighter - we have just this week gone into a limited production run on all sizes so we don`t yet have the weights for the other frames - it`s that new. But definitely sub 1kg. (For some strange reason it`s fractionally lighter in white!) I ride a 58 Cervelo R3-SL, my NEO is a 57, fits really well. Check out the virtual TT lengths, that`s your best indicator for sizing.

If you have any more detailed Qs please mail me at My name`s Lee.

There`s a 3 year guarantee on the frame too.