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Help Frame Building Courses/Schools in Japan?


Mar 7, 2010
Hey all,

I just found out I'll be heading to Japan sometime in April and I might have quite a few days free so I thought "Hey! I'm going to Japan, might as well do something productive like try my hand at frame building". After all it is the land of the Keirin frame...

I know there are short 5-10day courses from frame building schools and studios all over the USA however I was wondering if there are any such things in Japan?

Or is most frame building taught over many years the o'l school
master-student way over there?

Any help or advice on where I can find out more would be much appreciated!

Hi there,
Below is the translated web page of Japanese frame builder & shop information.
Hope this helps you. But, I don't think they have short course for teaching frame build.
But at least, you can ask them by email or phone, why don't you just try? :)

In tokyo, " kalavinka, makino, level, ravanelo, amanda, cheribum" is quite famous for their quality.

translated web page

original web page
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