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Half Fast four weekend rides 18 & 19 May(be)

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May 22, 2007
Hello bikers. Mike here.
Sal and Ira have put together a great selection of rides this weekend. The weather forecast looks bad for Sunday, but Saturday should be prime cycling weather.
As we head toward the summer, start times are likely to become earlier in the morning, to give us a chance to beat some of the heat. And the message get longer as we try our best to provide a broad range of cycling- and beer-related fun. Watch the start times carefully.
There's more from me at the bottom. Please read on.

-- Saturday 18 May --

Takaosan-guchi station to Hadano station with an option to go as far as Kamakura

A great training ride for Norikura! Some climbing, but all climbs will be "WATT" (wait at the top). You will need a bike bag for the train out and back.

Leader: Sal tel o9o-7816-4612 salvatoresalvino at icloud.com
Meet: Shinjuku station (08:15 in front of the Keiyo line gates)
Time: 08:29 Keiyo line train (for Takaosan-guchi) arrives at 09:25
Total distance around 65k, but lots of hills; and of course more kilometers if we continue on to Enoshima.

We will prepare our bikes and ourselves at Takaosan-guchi station. Should be on the road by latest 09:45 and head over Takao then over to Yabitsu and finally Hadano station. Depending on time and energy levels, we (some of us) might continue on to Enoshima / Kamakura to enjoy some beach time. This may include beer.


Remember, helmets on! You should eat breakfast, drink lots of water / sports refreshments, and use sun screen / tanning lotion. Also, ensure your bike is up for the journey.


Kasai Rinkai Park

Leader: Ira tel o8o-5673-9o42
Meet at 11.00 a.m. at our usual spot in front of the Grand Hyatt at Roppongi Hills.
Ride the regular route out towards Odaiba, via Tsukiji but then head toward Tokyo Heliport and cross bridge to Kasai Rinkai Park for a ride of 22 km. Take a break at Kasai Rinkai Park. Then ride back via Tokyo Heliport and some parks, maybe stop at Odaiba for second break. Total 50 - 60 km. The only hills are the bridges we have to cross. Easy quick pace.

-- Sunday 19 May -- (if the weather is decent)

Beginners' Ride to Odaiba

Leader: Sal tel o9o-7816-4612 salvatoresalvino at icloud.com
Meet: 11.00 a.m. in front of the Grand Hyatt at Roppongi Hills.
30 km ride to the beach at Odaiba, and back. A couple of bridges to cross but no hills. Easy pace. Anyone. Any bike. Original Metropolis article | Route map


Three Rivers and a Food One

Leader: Ira tel o8o-5673-9o42
Meet at 8:00 a.m. (* note early start *) at Higashi Tamagawa Park near Futago-tamagawa station.

We'll ride up the Tamagawa River for about 20 km to Yotsuya-bashi (near Y's Fuchu): Cross the bridge and ride the Asakawa River for about 10 km until Kitano station: Then we will ride the Yudonogawa River for about 10 km: Take a break at Food ONE! Then we head home as we ride 32 km back down the same Three Rivers to Tokyo. Total 70 km - 75 km. Easy to Medium pace. No big hills. A great way to go a little farther and a little faster.

Meeting Point* (Just get close to the Three High Rises) - Higashi Tamagawa Park near Futako Tamagawa station, right next to the Three High Rises towers by the people overpass. (Also very near Komazawa-dori and 7/11 at the bottom of the hill as you approach the three high rises coming down the hill from Kampachi dori.) Map link http://goo.gl/maps/jtlR
That's all about rides. Don't forget to write to me if you want to sign up for the Shine On! Cycle Challenge in Norikura - a very special weekend trip on 28 & 29 July. Read all about it here http://halffastcycling.com/shineon/index.html and let me know if you have any questions.

Finally, here;s a plug for our friends at NorthStar: next weekend there's a training camp in Norikura. This is a unique event with Team Peugeot Neil Pride Lacasse Pro Cycling on May 24, 25, 26 at NORTHSTAR Alpine Lodge, where you get a chance to ride with pros, be coached by pros and experience the whole ambiance of a pro team. Come train with and talk with José Aguilar Vera from Spain, Julian Maingot from France, and all the Japanese riders. Be coached while riding with the team and if you like you can get fitted by a professional fitter! Great prices. Discounts for Half-Fasters (probably). Write to Daniel Junker <dan at ridenorthstar.com> if you want more information. I'll be going up by car on Friday, but not sure when/if I'll come back.
TTFN. Keep the rubber side down!

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