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For Sale Forza Cirrus 440mm (470mm?) Carbon Handlebars


Maximum Pace
Jan 30, 2015
Forza is Ridley's in-house component brand, and these came with my beloved #1. They're great--vibration dampening with big flat tops that are fun to just chill on, but they're way too wide for me.

Those blessed with broad shoulders might have a hard time finding this width in Japan. I dunno.

440mm hood to hood
470mm bar-end to bar-end
140mm "conventional" drop
290g according to my trusty kitchen scale

Here's a review (stem not included, though the weight in the review includes the stem).

Full disclosure: While I'm not putting much power through any part of my bike (ask anyone), they've got about 6,000km on 'em, and one light crash. Scuff mark pictured. In other words, they are not brand new or anything.

Reasonable offers considered. I'll deliver within Tokyo.

IMG_6906.JPG IMG_6907.JPG IMG_6909.JPG IMG_6904.JPG
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