Fork Mounted Lights

Oct 15, 2010
Not the most exciting topic perhaps, but in my hours sifting through Evans, Wiggle, CRC etc. bicycle shopping, I noticed a piece of metal that seemed to stick on the bolt holding the front wheel on one's bike, that was sold as an accessory so that a light could be mounted on it. At the time I didn't think much of it but I just got a new front light, and now want to have a second look at it. I have spent quite a bit of time trying to find it online again but not having any luck. Has anyone seen what I am talking about or have an alternative to cluttering up your handlebars with stuff when it comes to lights?


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Dec 3, 2010
They sell those at Y's Road, when I first saw them I thought "WTF...?" then I figured out what it is for, not a bad idea to have a light low, but I like a headlight on my helmet, I have a very bright one watt unit on my helmet, I like is because the light shines where I'm looking and I can look at cagers and the often will see me, even in their review mirrors because I can aim the light at them, if that makes sense.



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Nov 3, 2007
Tokyo - Minato-ku
I think you are maybe referring to one of these -- replaces one end of the quick release skewer (photo attached if I have done this correctly)?

I think it works well if you want a light on the front axle to show the nearby road surface, while a second, higher light on the bars or helmet, looks much further out. I don't remember if I got mine at Y's or Nalshima ... or maybe by mail order.
Oct 15, 2010
dgl2, I don't think the attachment came through, but that sounds about right. I will check Y's and go from there. I might have been dreaming, but I thought there was actually a small piece of pipe that attached to one of the nuts (for those that don't have a quick release) holding on the front wheel, similar to how an allen key fits into a hex bolt. With any luck, Y's will be able to help me out. Cheers.


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Dec 14, 2006
Some good ideas for brackets but why bother? Light works better up high, having it down low reduces the angle of reflection giving less area to light up. Looks sleek but no real advantage if visibility is your main concern plus they get dirtier quicker and are more prone to damage.


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Sep 13, 2010
Minoura also make a thing called a swing grip which might be what you want. Here, they have them in the mama-chariot type shops so maybe better looking in there than a place like Y`s. Just scroll down to lights and computer holder.

Another option is a modified mini tri-bar extension. I have them for more stability when resting with forearms on the handlebar now that I have 105 5700 with under tape cabling. The design is clamps on the handlebar, clamping on to a bar horizontal to the handlebar, which in turn has clamps on the end for the tri-bars. But what you could do, is swap the horizontal bar for just a plain bar and then use that to affix the lights to. I don`t have a link for them, as the ones I have were just a one-off in the shop and unbranded - they are different to the ones you will find if you do a search for mini tri-bars, as not clip on.