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For kiwisimon: The Rohloff beast


Maximum Pace
Oct 14, 2007
Humungous apologies for not posting these earlier. I took them the day I picked it up from the LBS, and then let them fester in the recesses of my hard drive.


I am back to a Brook's Swift saddle now, after a sit-bone bruising encounter with the original one.

At first the Rohloff IGH took a lot of getting used to, but now it's second nature. So much so that I had to learn all over again how to use derailleurs when I took the MTB out for a spin yesterday.
Thanks, that is a great looking all day anywhere cruiser. Great work by Carl to get that brake sitting inboard like that. Interesting grips, I think I would want longer bar ends for more hand position options but that's a moot point cause it's all about personal choices. The 4th Strong on TCC looks a beaut. You coming up this way in the future?
Wicked Strong! My friend has a MTB by Strong with a Rohloff, so nice! I love original bikes!

Wow. Is he in Japan? I think the number of Rohloff bikes in Japan can easily be counted on the fingers of one or two hands.
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