For journey lovers

I would like to introduce a new guide book titled "Cycling Japan:10 of the best rides" Uniqueness of this book is this is a multi language book , Japanese and English, to talk about the cycling routes selected as the best of all in Japan. The author is a tour guide and a writer whoes tours I have participated in several times

Each of the introduced routes is in detail and most of the routes are automobile free course, friendly to bicycle riders.

Reading the book, I found I have done only one of them, wishing to do rest of them.

If you are interested, it is 1,700 yen.
google by 丹羽隆志の日本ベストサイクリングコース10

Minoru Arai


Maximum Pace
Oct 13, 2007
Thanks for the heads up! Sounds like a good book to have.

At first I thought the post was about these timeless rockers...