Ride For any TCC 'tilers'


Faster than molasses
Feb 7, 2011
Much obliged! Nice to know that the rindo approach to the tile doesn't exist anymore. Thanks.

I've noticed that another hiking trail in the area has disappeared. I wondered if it was just a map error or if they've updated the map to reflect now impassable trails. (Blue line is the route that is now gone.)
Screen Shot 2020-06-24 at 6.28.01.png
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Maximum Pace
Dec 22, 2016
@Gok Heck of a ride! Nice write up. (The committee approves.)

So, if I wanted to bag the tiles up around the Nippara caves, I'd best wait for a Sunday when the construction crews are gone?

And @Half-Fast Mike Is the tile up by the stone quarry also best done on a Sunday?
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Sorry for late reply @Karl .
I went up there pretty late; around sunset so the crew was packing up. It was a Saturday.
The trail went on but was pretty gravelly which would have killed my 25 C so I decided to stroll up there. Pretty sure you can ride up there with your gravel beauty, but not sure how far it goes...
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