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Speeding Up
Nov 23, 2006
Interested to know if there are any recommendations re a folder ? Want to take it the UK and enjoy. Intend to take SPD shoes with me and a helmet, gloves and shades of course. Any ideas ?

Thanks everyone,

A ton of choices...

Dahon, Bike Friday, Brompton all seem to be solid folders.

I came close to buying a "breakaway" bike - either by Ritchey (Breakaway) or Dahon (Allegro). These are full side bikes that break apart at the seatpost and close to bottom bracket, and pack up in a large suitecase...
T Ritchey

I LOVE my Tom Ritchey Break Away. Ti / Carbon Dura Ace. It is best suited for long trips and not train hopping as it only breaks in half and the big size is kinda a bitch to pack in it's case. You would never know it's a folder riding it.
All my friends I brought here are getting Dahon folders and I have thought about it to go train up to Tokyo. But am waiting to ride theirs first to see if they will fit a guy 6'3. I LOVE the Moulton but don't see it as a train hopper either.
If you're back in the UK, surely it must be good fun to dress in a suit and tie and bez around Blenheim Palace on a Brompton.
S&s Couplings

Also you can make any bike [ Steel with round tubes ] a break away. S&S couplings. Unions for your frame. I think it would run you around 200 USD. Adds a bit of weight but your bike will ride the same. You have to go through a certified frame builder who of course is more interested in selling you one of his frames though. I was going to have my Raleigh 29er done but for some stupid reason the frame tubes are slightly oval. Guess it's engineering for engineering's sake. TODO
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