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Feb 22, 2024
We are a UK couple half way through a year cycle round the world on our airnimals. These bikes have been through Japan, South Korea, Thailand , Cambodia and Malaysia. After 6 months in Asia we landed in New Zealand and within a week, one of our bikes has been stolen. We are now claiming insurance, checking in with police etc, but would really appreciate any advice on how to replace or substitute to continue the next 6 months ride. We are seeking a folding bike with excellent components and considering returning to Japan to buy a bike and do some more touring . Any suggestions for where we can buy an Airnimal, Bike Friday, top end Tern welcomed!


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I'm a Bike Friday owner (Pocket Rocket). They use completely standard components. For touring there's the New World Tourist or the Pocket Llama. The NWT is more of a touring bike, the PL is a bit more like a MTB but they're otherwise very similar. Both are folders. Both use 406/20" for which you can get wider, more comfortable tyres.

While the BF doesn't fold as compact as a Brompton, you can get just about any gearing, disk brakes or rim brakes, etc. You can even order the bare frame and build it up with parts from your own parts bin.

Bike Friday will either ship through one of their dealers or directly to you. There are two dealers in Tokyo, Amanda Sports and Blue Lug Hatagaya.
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