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FOB from Berkeley


Sep 23, 2009
I've recently arrived from the SF Bay Area where I've been riding and racing for the Berkeley Bike Club. I'm very excited to find that Tokyo seems to have a very active bike community. I'm several weeks away from riding as I'm still getting setup with the basics like housing, but can't wait to join in on the rides I've been reading about on the forum.

I'm shipping my road bike out from Berkeley, but am looking to buy an affordable fixed/single gear for everyday use - shopping, commuting, etc. Nothing fancy, but don't want a grandma bike either. I saw a post about Ys and Seocycle being good shops. Are those my best bests? I'm currently located in Mitaka, so a shop close that that would not hurt either.

Looking forward to riding with you.


Whoa there's a sudden influx of Californians! :) (lived there for a couple of years myself, East Bay) Welcome!

Y's is a good place, I've been to the two Shinjuku shops and the one in Shibuya. My Japanese is very bad but I still manage to get what I need (or want). The Y's in Shinjuku should be your best bet if there aren't any good LBS in your area. Shinjuku is just a quick ride (if there aren't any accidents) on the Chou-line.
I remeber the Berkelely Hills Road race, did you guys do the Pinole TT also? I did that race a few times.
I've lived to Tokyo for seven years. From San Mateo, Peninsula Velo guy.
My recommendation is check on line before you buy retail. Even with international shipping you may be able to get a better deal and something that fits you better if your a big guy. For example there's leader bike USA. I think the shops URL is
They do street fixie/ ss type bikes.
Retail in Japan isn't bad. The best retail shop is Narishima. It's in Tokyo and Tachikawa. Not really for whole bikes but parts. I've had bad experiences with Y's. Especially with return policy on equipment that was obviously defective. Map sports in Tokyo is superior to Y's as well. Maybe it's worth going retail just for the communication experience. Anyway, good luck with your search.
yes, the BBC did the Pinole TT, Albany Crit as well as the Berkeley Hills road race. I actually did a bunch of riding on the Peninsula this summer and had some great times on the Wednesday Valley Ride and Alto Velo A and B rides. Are there any regular hammer-fests like that in the Tokyo area?

I'd been thinking that for something basic it would not be worth shipping international, but based on you comments I'll take another look at that.

If you looking for fixed gear or single speed set up it worth to try yahoo auction , plenty of sweet japanese NJS Keirin frames, parts and bikes, probably you can end up with really decent bike for a half of the retailers price.
Good luck with your search !
About your hammerfest; I really depends on how much time you have and how early you can get up. If you can get on the Tamagawa cycling course early Saturday morning and arrive at the point in Tachikawa where it ends you can find a group at 7:30 am. They will ride the traffic for an hour out to some nice country roads then hammer the bejeebers out of each other. I can't remember the clubs name now, but some Japanese and some good fitness certainly help. They may want you to join their club if you show up more than once.
Good luck with your search
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