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Flying With ANA call to reserve space for bike needed?


Jul 5, 2022
I'm flying with ANA domestically trying to figure out if I need to call to tell them I'm bringing a bike with me? I bought the ostrich bike bag and my dimensions and weight fit the required under 203cm and 20 kg. I will have a large pack as checkin as well with camping gear and clothes. My carry on will be a fishing pole + sleeping pad that doesn't fit in large pack.

I'm flying to hachijojima from Haneda on a economy class seat if it matters.

Tried the chat bot, seems like not necessary. Tried calling and got bored of waiting after 30 mins on hold (maybe was time of day I called). Hoping some kind hearted internet people can answer me.
ANA still has an office in Tokyo, in Higashi Shinbashi. You might try just going there and asking.

Don't arrive on a bike: you'd look too obviously like a cattle-class customer. Arrive wearing a suit. (No, I'm not certain that you'll actually be able to enter and thereupon face a sentient, informed, helpful human.)

It does all seem a terrible waste of time.
If you are checking in with luggage in economy, you get one 1 bag free of 20kg or a bike. If you have more, then you will have to pay excess baggage allowance. It also depends on what plane they are using as well. You don't need to phone them if your bike fits in the dimensions.
Thank you for the reply. Yeah I figured I'd have to pay for excess luggage, shouldn't be a big deal.
Typically, bikes and other select sporting goods are treated as one piece of luggage. Whenever I had to fly (all international flights, so the rules may differ), I just had to pay for one piece of extra luggage. The costs were about $100–$200, but the last time I did that was 2015, so they prices may have risen.
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