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Floyd Landis Comes Clean


Can't see how they do what they do without something to rev the engine.

Dabbled with M1T and a few other mild hormones a bit when I used to be into weight training, and I can safely say that it REALLY gives you a massive boost. SOOO much power, and not a hint of fatiguing.

Obviously regret it now, but I was young and impressionable.

Can easily see how these guys get into it, when they feel it's power.
I don't think so, the guy has done so much to discredit himself in the last year and a half (With Lance Pharmastrong's advice) that it will just get swept under the carpet.

Interesting fact:

This years Tour of California is sponsored by Amgen.... the makers and suppliers of EPOr
I am pretty sure that anyone else that has raced in Europe will agree with me when I say that 'most' are doing things that push the rules. I wasn't clean during my two years racing mostly in Nelgium and Germany, and suspect that all those around me weren't either... it is indeed the same in the UK.
gack! when gladiators speak for their lanistae... seriously Landis has become the epitome of a Chicken Little. Unfortunately much of his rants probably ring true - though he is just so discredited at this point that nearly no one will take him seriously.
#&%@ Floyd. Get a ROPE.

%&#@ YOU FLOYD ! You little fink. You ratted out the entire peloton.
I no longer feel bad for you loosing your TDF victory. That was an EPIC mountain stage however you came by that Xtra Testosterone. You kicked ASS.
I do not CARE what Lance was doing either. He got 7 TDF victories in a row and as far as I am concerned he did it clean.

I LOVE the Onion article BTW Thanks.
Mmmm...I was just dabbling, and did a few oral amphet's during longer races, or during some stage races, but here was some serious stuff going on during the mid 80s. A couple of my team mates would often inject during races... usually by strapping under their arms. Abuse of strong pain killers was rampant.

It was possible to make a reasonable living off amateur crits in belgium or Northern France, and drug tests were rare. Even if the was going to be a check, word got out, and the guilty ones made sure that they didn't finish in the top 6, and hoped they weren't one of the spots.

This was in the amateur ranks, and I am fairly sure that things were amplified in the pro ranks. Very simply, you got away with what you could... probably hasn't changed that much
Oh, right, so it was more stimulant based, that anabolic muscle enhancements.

Yeah, I can see how stuff like Ephedrine would work.
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