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fixies in china


Maximum Pace
Oct 11, 2009
This article is pretty 'right on' in many aspects - Riding a cycle in China is also a lifestyle identification - though with the surging economy - a belittling one - since for average Chinese to claim independence and stronger standing, they should show they can afford something better than their parents or peers. Chinese youth are playing massive catch-up with their NA counterparts and at same time need to adhere to the cultural 'harmony' that has been embedded to them for the last 75+ years. Counterculture is not good in China.

However with 1b people, there are enough fringe people to establish even a thriving scene. Especially in the foreign dominated centers like Shanghai, Beijing and Dailian. But go to Nanjing, for example, and I beg you to spot just one fixie! (I know, I spent 2 weeks there looking in between work).

The irony is that so much of the current fixie scene is dependent on production in China. From frames, wheels, components, wear, tires, etc. Especially the popular low / midrange gear is pretty all made in China. So - we'll see the domestic Chinese pick this up soon enough, just like they picked up other fashion and lifestyle trends from the 3rd shift economics spillage.

Remember - 30yrs ago fixie was rare in the U.S. Only crazy EU (and namely Northern Italian teams) used the fixed gear as a winter training tool. Why its surging now is a little baffling to me - but there is something very primal and satisfying in a 1:1 connection to the road.


Maximum Pace
May 25, 2009
The thing is though China's pop/street fashion isn't centered around NA. It has it own unique trends and influences. Unlike the rest of asia who's youth are more inline with Europe and NA.

Nothing bad with this ....just different, there are still a big MTB and Roadie culture there.
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