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Fixed Gear Rally


Maximum Pace
Oct 11, 2009
James and I had so much fun riding the Wada hills with you guys that we decided to setup a small rally. We're scrounging up a few extra fixies (and riders) to do a checkpoint run starting from Takao and return. Via Wada of course. The only rule is you gotta ride a fixed gear. If you're interested please message me - I'll try to coordinate this so it doesn't interfere with any races or other scheduled rides. Over GW I'm gonna put together a couple of loaner bikes, and if we get alot of interest on this, we can talk to some of the local builders about sponsoring some more gear.

The rally itself will entail simply riding the course and getting timed at the various checkpoints. A couple of them will entail a fun 'challenge' and of course everyone who tops Wada will get a spoke card for their efforts. Extra points for LCP members, steelies and woolies!
Quick update to this - several people have asked about appropriate equipement:

1) What gearing is recommended?

a. Whatever you can push! But as a starting point a 42/18 should work.

2) Any restrictions?

a. Just 1 chain, 1 crank and 1 cog. Brakes are optional (though recommended unless you are an expert at skidding and / or a duraluminum rear tire)

3) I don't have a fixie, how can I join?

a. We are trying to dig up a few extra bikes. If you want to be on the list for loaners, please let me know.
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