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Lanterne Rouge-et-vert
May 22, 2007
Saturday 31 May -- Around Lake Kasumigaura

We’ll take a break from climbing mountains and circle a large lake in southern Ibaraki. Warren led a shorter version of this ride in December and rumor has it there’s a nice lunch stop with beer available. We’ll be sure to investigate. Since we’re next to the lake the ride is almost completely flat. This is an excellent opportunity for those used to intermediate rides to try a longer distance, however, this is not a beginners ride due to distance (approximately 120 km). You will need a bike bag for the train ride. Please contact Chris or Sal with questions.
Leaders: Chris Beetham, o80-3214-9572, ride_with_cb at rocketmail.com and Sal Salvino, o90-7816-4612, salvatoresalvino at icloud.com

Meeting place and time: Outside the east exit of Tsuchiura Station at 0850

Suggested trains: Option 1(slower, inexpensive) - The regular JR Joban Line train originates/departs Ueno at 0732 and departs Nippori at 0735, arriving at Tsuchiura at 0837. Both Ueno and Nippori stations are accessible via the Yamanote Line. If you are traveling from the Shibuya/Shinjuku/Ikebukuro areas, transfer to the Joban Line at Nippori. The train fare from Shinjuku to Tsuchiura is 1,320 yen. Option 2 (faster, expensive) – The Limited Express Super Hitachi 7 originates/departs Ueno at 0800 and arrives at Tsuchiura at 0849. The train fare from Ueno to Tsuchiura is 2,070 yen (unreserved seat) or 2,590 (reserved). Please note that this train does not stop at Nippori.

We’ll prepare our bikes and ourselves outside of Tsuchiura Station and be on the road by 0900. Just down the road we’ll quickly stop at a 7-11 to get stocked up on fluids/snacks. Additional stops on the road as needed.

Safety: Remember, helmets on! You should eat breakfast, drink lots of water / sports refreshments, and use sunscreen. Also, please check beforehand that your bike is up for the journey and always bring a spare tube.

* * * *

Saturday 31 May -- Twelve Rivers Flat Loop (Ira)
Meet at 9:00 a.m. at Higashi Tamagawa Park near Futago-tamagawa station. ( http://goo.gl/maps/kyL1 )
Contact: Ira Stevens o80-5673-9042 (call or send text to here)
A Century Ride over Twelve Rivers on a Flat Loop with NO MAJOR HILLS.

We ride the Tama-gawa, the Asa-kawa, the Yudono-gawa, the Sakae-gawa, the Onda-gawa, and the Tsurumi-gawa as our six main Rivers. We also touch and ride on six other rivers before we come back to Futako Tama-gawa our starting point. A Tokyo-Kanagawa 100 km loop ride of rivers, trees, rice fields, and did I mention no major hills.

Total about 100 km. Easy to Medium pace, but distance makes this an intermediate ride. (I also can pick up riders anywhere along the route if you let me know in advance.)

* * * *

Sunday 1 June -- Chiba Cycling and Seafood BBQ (Ben)

Domenico, Brian and Ben are planning on Chiba cycling and seafood BBQ.


The ride is intermediate level, about 70km in 4 hours before BBQ and the course is flat, mostly on cycling paths. The seafood BBQ shop is along the cycling course and foods are very fresh. The BBQ costs about 3000 yen.

Going home, the nearest station is about 4km away. Alternatively, we can return via Makuhari, which is 20km away. Please note you will need a bike bag for the train and a helmet for the ride.

Meeting time and place 1 (travelling with Brian from central Tokyo)

08:15 at the Tsukiji intersection (the corner of Harumidori and Shin-ohashidori, on the corner diagonally across from Tsukiji)
Brian will leave that corner at about 8:25 to ride to Hatchobori station on the Keiyo line (5 minutes) where we pack our bikes and board the 8:48 train for Makuhari. (Much less hassle with a bike than catching the Keiyo line from Tokyo station. But if you are going to take the train into Tokyo instead of riding, the same train leaves Tokyo station at 8:46)
If you have questions, please call 090-9951-3393 or write briankimikoaki-at-nifty-dot-com

Meeting time and place 2 (going directly to the start point)
09:30am at JR Kaihin Makuhari station on Keiyo line (JR葉線海浜幕張駅), south exit.
Leader: Tsutomu (Ben) Takahashi 090-8727-0297

* * * *

Sunday 1 June -- Kasai Rinkai Park & Back (Ira)

Meet at 10:00 a.m. at our usual spot in front of the Grand Hyatt at Roppongi HIlls.
Contact: Ira Stevens o80-5673-9042 (call or send text to here)

Ride our regular route out towards Odaiba, via Tsukiji but then head toward Tokyo Heliport and cross bridge to Kasai Rinkai Park for a ride of 22 km and a quick break. Then we tour the park and on to the The Red River Road before we head back via the Tokyo Heliport, Wakasu Park, the Gomi bridge, and into Odaiba for our second break at about 55 km. Then we ride back to Roppongi.

Total ride from 65 to 75 km. Easy to Medium pace, but distance makes this an intermediate ride.

* * * *

Sunday 1 June -- Odaiba Beginners (Sal)

Meet at 11.00 a.m. in front of the Grand Hyatt for a 15 km trundle to Odaiba beach paradise to have a wee picnic and a beer and watch the improbably tiny dogs on strings. Then 15 km back. All welcome - assuming you have a bike and know how to ride without training wheels. Wear a helmet. Don't wear earphones.Leader: Sal salvatoresalvino at icloud.com o90-7816-4612
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