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Half Fast Five weekend rides and a party

Half-Fast Mike

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May 22, 2007
Hi bikers
We have several riding options for you. I'll summarise.
09.25 @Takaosan-guchi - 80km with mountains (Sal)
11.00 @Grand Hyatt - 30 km Haneda leisure ride (James)
11.00 @Futagobashi - 75 km flat rivers ride (Andrew)
09.45 @Grand Hyatt - More Riding before the BBQ
11.00 @Grand Hyatt - Beginners' Odaiba before the BBQ

That's the summery summary. Whether Sunday's weather will cooperate remains to be seen. Details of all those rides are included below.

YOU can lead a ride if you want to. We even provide a guide to guiding rides. Why not give it a go? Talk to me!

Don't forget about the Shine On! Cycle Challenge in Norikura - a very special weekend trip on 27 & 28 July. Read about it at http://halffastcycling.com/shineon/index.html and let me (Mike) know if you have any questions. There are still some places left. It's going to be wonderful.

TTFN. Keep the rubber side down!

Mike Sims-Williams
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-- Saturday 1 June -- Takaosan-guchi station - Tsuru Pass climb --
You'll need a bike bag for the train out and back!
Meet / Where: Shinjuku station (08:15 in front of the Keiyo line gates)
Time: 08:29 Keiyo line train (for Takaosan Guchi) arrives at 09:25
Total distance around 80k, but lots of hills. Ride loops back around to the same station.
We will prepare our bikes and ourselves at Takaosanguchi station. Should be on the road by latest 09:45. Another great training opportunity for the Shine On! Cycle Challenge.
Helmets on!!! You should eat breakfast, drink lots of water / sports refreshments, and use sun screen / tanning lotion. Also, ensure your bike is up for the journey.
Salvatore Salvino salvatoresalvino at icloud.com o9o-7816-4612
-- Saturday 1 June -- Haneda easy ride --

I am going on a short trip to Haneda and will be happy for company.
11:00JST at Hyatt. Back by 2pm.
Beginners slow ride. Cheers, James <sw08023 at gmail.com>
-- Saturday 1 June -- Kanagawa Rivers Ride --
I will be willing to lead a ride on Saturday if nobody else is doing one with a sensible start time. (Ed: I think this is directed at you, Sal)​
Toasty Toes: A longish but gentle intermediate ride, this is a 75 km loop starting and finishing by Futako-Tamagawa (add about 25 km if coming from the middle of town). Mostly flat, mostly good surfaces, mostly cage-free, moderate pace, plenty of railway stations if you need to drop out. Meet under the railway at the Kanagawa end of the Futako bridge, 11:00 for 11:15 departure. Down the Tama to Gasu-bashi for about 11:30 (mail me if you want to meet there). We follow the Yagami river, the Tsurumi and the Onda to Machida. Conveni picnic in the park, then up the Sakai river, down the Onekan road, back to the Tama, and another refreshment stop if time allows.​
Cheers, Andrew welford at tokyo.email.ne.jp o9o-6317-oo44​
-- Sunday 2 June -- Kasai Rinkai park and BBQ -- by IRA

Meet EARLIER at 9.45 a.m. at our usual spot in front of the Grand Hyatt at Roppongi Hills.
(we are leaving before 10 am.. if you are late.. join the shorter ride with Sal)
Ride our regular route out towards Odaiba, via Tsukiji but then head toward Tokyo Heliport and cross bridge to Kasai Rinkai Park for a ride of 22 km. Take a break at Kasai Rinkai Park. Then ride back via Tokyo Heliport and some parks, maybe stop at Odaiba for second break. Total 55 - 60 km. The only hills are the bridges we have to cross. Easy to medium pace as we learn to ride a little faster and a little further. Be able to ride 22km without stopping.
We will eventually meet up with Sal's group at Odaiba to go to the BBQ. (sign up for BBQ!!!)
Ira Stevens - The BlueBerry Caboose - o8o-5673-9o42 (call or send text to here)
-- Sunday 2 June -- Odaiba ride and BBQ --
Many thanks to Dustin & Helena for inviting us over for a post-ride feed, and to Sal for cajoling them to do so ;-)
Odaiba beginners' ride, meeting at 11:00 am Roppongi Hills Grand Hyatt. We will do our standard ride with a shorter than usual break at Odaiba with the intent to ensure a 14:00 (13:45 arrival) BBQ kick-off at the US Embassy housing compound. Note: The ride will take us directly to the embassy and we will all enter together.
So, if you would like to join the BBQ:
Don't reply to this message. Don't send your registration info to Mike or Don. Read the instructions.
(1) send your *real* name to Sal AND Dustin, in advance. salvatoresalvino at icloud.com / dustinsalveson at yahoo.com
(2) be prepared to contribute to the cost of food & drink - at least ¥500
(3) bring some official photo-ID for the security check
If you just want to join the beginners' ride, then there's no need to 'register'.
Promises to be great fun. Sun-dances, please!
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