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First world problems2: Supersix cable guide bolt


Speeding Up
Nov 22, 2019
Recently, i bought an used cannondale supersix and just started building it now.
But i realized that the bolt to fix the rear derailleur cable guide is missing. The former owner was running di2 and i dont think he knows that the bolt is missing (and, to be honest, im not even 100% sure that i didnt lose it while opening the boxes).

The closest Y`s road said they could order the whole set, but it would take 10 days. Im moving in less than a week, so i`d like to get it solved a little bit faster.
Any chance of any of you having something like that laying around?



Maximum Pace
Feb 3, 2014
Looks like a self tapping screw for going into the plastic of the guide. Measure the hole and look up a suitable size?
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