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First ride in years - Picture heavy


May 11, 2011
Sunday, after dealing with the heat all day, the family and I decided to take a walk to the local convenience store for ice cream. Just as we walked out the front door I heard the undeniable rumble of the delivery truck.

The long trip from Germany to Japan was complete! Welcome to your new home my lovely mail order bride...

Monday I dropped by Y's road to pick up a pedal wrench, as my SPDs have yet to arrive from Wiggle, but I couldn't hold on much longer. I pulled the pedals of my son's GT, but it was too late to ride.

Today after work I finally had a chance to give it a short ride to the local park. For some reason the skies opened up just as I was setting off, and for about 2 seconds I though of my buddy who doesn't like to ride his Canyon into work on rainy days. Maybe I should wait until it's a nicer day? No! I ride to get dirty. I love playing in the mud.

It was already late, but I managed to get a good 45 minutes in. I got home with a giant grin on my face. "How was it?" asked my wife. I just looked down at my muddy legs and smiled at her.

It's been almost two years since I did any kind of riding. can't wait to do more. for now, the pictures of the new hotness :)

- Sorry, I didn't see any image size guidelines. Will resize if needed.
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