First Oze-hinoemata Hc Race


Maximum Pace
The same organizers of last year's GIRO DE HOTAKA, have launched a "Village Climb Series" program for this year which will again include the notorious Hotaka (this time with sufficient field marshals).

Coming up next in this program is a hillclimb time trial event in the hotspring village of Hinoemata in the viscinity of Oze National Park (Fukushima Pref.) taking place during the weekend of May 24-25 (2 days).

Day/Stage 1 is a 6.5km time trial and Day/Stage 2 a 12km time trial.

Registration deadline is April 30.

For further details, please check:


Maximum Pace
Nov 4, 2006
Very familiar indeed...

The "Gran Fondo" course looks to be almost exactly the same as last year's "Hotaka" race, except for having a different Start/Finish-line (30km NE of Hotaka).
Still, June 29... Could be tempting;)
Will have to ask permission from the better-half:cool: