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finished it!


Feb 15, 2008
So, my CX bike wont be here for like 3 more weeks, and i need something i can haul stuff on. (you may see me with a trailer too when needed lol)
I enlarged one of the mount holes for the track ends, and threw some 35mm bolts, with about 20 washers each side, a fatty washer front and back of the hole, and BAM perfect mount. It isn't quite straight, but ill fix that when it is done snowing! went for a ride for about 30 miles total. place to pack up a camera to send out, and a bunch of other random stuff. Works well, doesn't throw off the balance too bad. I do need a shorter stem though, i know that for sure. at home in its rack

agreed with Fred :( RIP. :angel:
once my other bike gets here it will be back in its bare frame glory
I dont have a car, dont really want one, so i need a way to get around and do my errands until my CX bike gets here. necessary evils.
For your penance, when the CX bike arrives you shall totally degrease and re-lube that desecrated beauty. Wheels shall be trued and if you still feel repentant, self flagellation with a greasy bike chain dipped in citrus degreaser. But kudos to you for the work around.
racks or not, i ride the bike every day. i was just sick of a heavy ass messenger bag of shit.
4,000.00 bike or 400.00 bike. imma ride it rain or shine. or snow for that matter

real desecration is not riding a beautiful bike at every chance you get right?
Agreed mate. ABC - Always be cycling!
Awesome job! You earned my respect. No one should draw distinctions about bikes. I'm working on a custom Ti rack for mine right now. Haven't decided if I'll go for a seatpost mount or seat stay - its looking closer to seat post at this moment. Only suggestion I have on your Fuji build is circumcise the steerer.

Nothing will be cooler than to ride that puppy onto the 'drome, strip it down and kick some ass. Then pack it back up and cheerio back home!
steerer is still long cause i throw riser bars on the top when im not feeling well. lets me rest my back after a longer ride the day before. i have a rather aggressive seat to bar drop lol
I still think it`s a terrible idea. But well done for working it out.
I presume that the bar bag is filled with sand to keep the front wheel on the ground?
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