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Speeding Up
Apr 30, 2008
My name is Lyle
Man, I've been living here for six years and I just joined and posted. Sorry about that. I live in central Tokyo, Iidabashi
I've been riding bikes for 17 years and have been doing sporty stuff for about 11 years.
I'm from California and learned about using a bike (as an adult) in the Bay Area.
I've do lots of riding, mostly road. I've commuted, toured, raced etc... by myself and with a wide variety of groups and ability levels.
As far as the racing goes I did some in America and I've done a bit here (as "A" class) but really don't race anymore. I enjoy hard group rides that can get competitive or "epic" as well as testing my abilities more than actually racing, so I "casual group race" and I ride hard.
My usual riding areas when it doesn't rain (or even when it does sometimes) is the Imperial Palace loop, Tama Hills/ Shiroyama/ Takao Guchi, Arakawa, Various areas around Tokyo and of course good old Oi Futo. I go to California every Summer for my long vacation with cycling and that is usually my target fitness goal for the year. Got a LeMond spinmaster at home to pick up when I just don't wanna go out in the weather and traffic. Don't have and rarely use a car.
Hope that's enough information. Always looking to hook up with other riders in the city
Welcome aboard, Lyle! Please check our "official" and "unofficial" forum sections for more info on rides and events. I hope we meet you soon! :)
Welcome Lyle

See you on the road!:bike:
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