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Felt F3C Dura-ace road bike for sale


Dec 15, 2006
56cm, black with yellow highlights. it has some scratches (all cosmetic, i had it checked by a couple of shops.) wheelset is DT Swiss RR1.1, and the rear hub has a Power-tap SL built into it.The Power-tap is amazing, i dont know how anybody can ride without a powermeter. all of the information is amazing, and with a program like cycling peaks, it tells you a whole lot about yourself. the saddle is Fizik Arione, which is a beautiful saddle. i always had problems with saddles before this, especially on the longer rides. after a long day, its great to get off the bike and not feel like youve been punched repeatedly between the legs. the pedals are Time RXS, and i have an extra set of cleats for them.

Im also including a Cycle-ops fluid 2 trainer (brand new, with box, floor mat, and front riser 40,000 yen) and Sci-con rolling travel case ((40,000 yen) works great for airline travel, its the same one that the old U.S. Postal used when traveling!))

all together this stuff is worth more than 500,000 yen easy. im trying to get 300,000 to put towards a new time trial bike, and thats the only reason that im selling this. if anybody is interested in helping me (and yourself) out, please let me know. thanks.

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