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Feb 5 Boso Brevet training


Speeding Up
May 29, 2008
So, I signed up for the 300km brevet and have only minimal confidence that I'll be able to finish... but am doing what I can to get ready anyway.

Next Saturday (feb 5) I want to ride in Boso. Start in Chiba 8am, go through some of the areas that will be in the brevet. Either return to Chiba or take the train from Kisarazu. Something roughly like this. Bring lights.


My computer decided to not want to play well with Mapmyride, so parts of the route aren't cleaned up yet. Will fix soon. Totally open to changing the route, if people have suggestions. I've never done it so "leading a ride" may be a bit of a euphemism...

I felt slow when I was out this weekend as I've just recovered from the flu so the pace will not be blistering but minimum stops, eating as we ride, goal 25kph? I don't know as I rarely ride with so few mountains.... Faster would be better.

Who's interested?
Kori, I won't be able to join. Did you consider doing a loop similar to the one Alan posted a few weeks back and which I recently did myself? Most parts of your loop won't be that interesting. Your first 45km will be pretty heavy traffic, and only the last few kms will have an interesting scenery. 465 through the mountains should be nice, until you hit the road coming from Kamogawa which will add quite some traffic I would think. The west side of Boso doesn't offer nice views and depending on how you go again quite some traffic.
I chose the route based on ease of getting to Chiba station from where I live (kichijoji) and also trying to pass through some of the areas that the brevet will. I'd like to familiarize myself with the roads/areas just a little. Is this not a worthwhile strategy?

If not, than yes, something prettier with less traffic would be better or abandon the idea and join the Edogawa ride :D

and Ludwig, I am flattered that you would even consider joining a ride at my pace.
Just a few quick thoughts about the route, repeating some of what Ludwig said:

The route south out of Chiba station is pretty bad; 357/16 is dreadful. If you're already on a train, I'd really suggest staying on it a few more stops to get further south of the city (to Sodegaura for example, where the brevet starts. To make up the cycling kms, I guess you could ride out to the park, so you know where it is come the day?)

I'm assuming you're doing the BRM226千葉300km right? There's no cue sheet up yet, but just looking at the low-res map it looks like it uses the 163 to cut inland and go over Mt Kano and past Mazaa Bokujo, which is a much nicer way to reach the 465 than following the coast (I've done both routes on brevets here).

Not to repeat Ludwig, but the Pacific coast road north and south of Kamogawa is unpleasant. I would definitely follow the brevet route here instead, which uses the 150 out of Otaki (quite a nice road). Only problem is it gets a bit fussy around Ichinomiya trying to find your way to the coast, but small price to pay for avoiding the main coast road.

The route in from the coast back to Chiba wouldn't be my first choice, but it's not too too bad. Only other options are back roads south of Mobara or pushing further north to cut in via Sambu-shi.

Good luck with the training and the brevet.
That's great help! Thank you.

I was going on this that I found on a blog somewhere. May not even be accurate

Will rethink... Im not a fan of boring coast roads either.
Later night than expected-- will head to yamanashi instead.

Hopefully no one was planning to meet me without contacting me...
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