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Favourite tyre size?


May 15, 2009
For training I usually stick to 23c, but if I can find 25c tires on sale I'll slap those on just the same. For reference, I weigh in around 63kgs. The larger tread gives you some extra grip on slick roads, not to mention that when exploring Tokyo/Chiba back roads I often find myself on dirt sections that I would never want to ride on 18c-20c! Also, I use rim strips (an extra layer of protection against flats) that you cannot easily fit in w/ the tube when running sub 20c tires.

It's safe to use narrower tires on the same rims? What's the limit?

Before running extremely narrow (sub 20c) and/or high pressure tires (125psi+), make sure you have a set of rims that are spec'd for this kind of tire!!! Some of the cheaper wheel sets out there are not necessarily built to handle high performance tires. I once blew out a 19c Continental going through a tight turn in a criterium and found myself in a world of hurt on the pavement.:eek: The reason: the rim was not built to run kevlar beaded tires at 150psi!

I have yet to venture into the world of tubular tires, so I suppose tire size/rim selection will differ a bit versus clincher.


Apr 27, 2008
I picked up some 32mm Schwalbe Marathons for my touring bike at a local big box sports store, on sale since they were old stock. But up until I scored those I was looking at wiggle/uk:
Scroll way down to browse tyres, maybe the "road city" category. Their service is great.


For my road bike, I ride Bonty 25s (now ¥3700), but I'm never racing/competing on it--more often commuting & training. I get several thousand km out of them, often much more.

Thanks for the tip. Actually, I found the Randonneurs at a couple of bike shops, but in 28 mm width (about ¥2,500). I'll try those when the time comes to replace my original tires (now over 3,700 km with no puncture). I think mine still have at least 1,000-2,000 km to go, and I've read that some people have used theirs for 4,000 miles (6,400 km) without any punctures even over rough terrain. :)


Speeding Up
Oct 9, 2008
My bike came with Continental Grand Prix 4000S 23c, and I have felt no reason to consider alternatives. I feel very safe yet nimble, and only one puncture over 12,000km (actually one of the tyres on the front wheel for 6,000km, then on the back wheel for another 6,000km), despite all the rindos I ride.

I have another bike with cheaper Continental tyres, same size, and they actually feel the same; also no trouble so far, over fewer km.

I feel sorry for all the suffering I see around me...:p
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