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Jul 26, 2008
So I see that there's a ride connected to this kind of place:
In these austere times how about a re-run of part (the best part!) of last year's official Tour de Shirokuma-pan ?

For the full story then check this out......again many thanks to Travis for the original adventure !


The idea this weekend is as follows :

Saturday, January 31st. 8:00.
Arakawa – "Shirokum-pan (bakery)"

Here's the map:

First, a small introduction repeated from the original story:

"Shirokuma-Pan" (Polar-Bear Bread) is a small bakery at the foot of the Chichibu hills in Ogose-machi. It's a small, off-the-beaten-track shop that caters mostly to cyclists on their way to (or from) the mountains in southern Saitama. The shop owner was (still is) an avid cyclist – you can even buy spare tubes & bike accessories at the shop.
Check out the web-site:

The course:
8:00am START: at "Iwabuchi-Suimon" – a large water gate on Arakawa, just east of Akabane.
For those coming from western & southwestern Tokyo, the Rte.17 (Nakasen-do) bridge at 8:15 – Ride up Kannana-dori and turn left on R17 (it's about 20km from Setagaya-ku).

We'll have about 30km of "cycling-road" along the river before we have to turn onto the suburban country roads up near Kawagoe. Then another 30km to the bakery.

There we shall have our fill and then a leisurely return, hopefully with the help of the wind ?

There may even be an onsen around there, I seem to remember some of the team heading off towards a nearby venue last year ?

Does this sound like fun ?


What other kind of snacks do people here enjoy? Something out of a Family Mart, or home-made, or what? Is it something that you like before riding, during, or after?
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fruit cake is definitely the best, followed by maple syrup waffles which most combinis seem to sell. Only consumed during rides though....

Dates! Easily digested and packed with energy.
But must be Iranian and from the Bam area. The Californian ones sold by Costco are not fit to feed a goat!:(
I fill one of those little waistband-mounted gel/food plastic mini-waterbottles with my own expresso. I drink half the pot in the morning before the ride and the other half I take with me. Delicious in the AM, purely medicinal mid-ride.
costco cashew nuts... the sodium combined with the fat in the nuts seem to motivate my mid body innertubes/cellulite to shake loose and join the party - helps me on a long ride.

My latest combini addiction while riding is choco milk. Liquid, sodium, protien, carbo's, calcium, and good taste. I like the 200yen liter carton variety.
Perfect way to carry those snacks:


I have one, and it does just what it says in the tin.

Off to Costco now, to stock up on cashew nuts.
I like to get my big water bottle half filled up with straight shots of espresso and top it off with honey. Apres' ride is half Guinness and root beer. Both these have the added thrill of REALLY creeping out the Barista / Bartender.

I also drink water. If bonking on a long ride I will eat anything. Have scraped a flat power bar off the fog line. It was OK mostly still in wrap and I didn't eat the part with the teeth marks in it.
Yes they work. I also run and do circuit training, so they give me that boost of energy I need. Plus FRS chews reduce muscle fatigue when I strength train.

Quite expensive for the chews! Are they really that good?

FRS has a free trial but here's the catch to that. You will enter your CC information, to pay for the shipping, which isn't much. When you click "agree" on the disclaimer, you will start the "auto ship" as well if you don't call and cancel within 14 days of receiving free trial. So when you receive your free 30 day trial, you will sign for the shipment and that's when the countdown begins. Make sure you call the next day or the same day to cancel the "auto ship". They will close it with no problems at all. www.frs.com

No extra charges incurred!


gobbled up with a can of Red Bull and an extra Kanipan load or two for underway. Fits very neatly in jersey back pocket (if you let some air out of plastic wrapper first)
Cashews and cliff bars.

Otherwise, I take the French approach.
I usually pick a small bakery or cafe 20-30km away, then coffee and a sandwich.

Or you can always use what Floyd Landis used during the 2006 Tour de France. You aren't a professional cyclist, so you will be fine.

Get with Mr. Thomas (The Train), he's fast as hell. Somebody needs to check what's in his bottle....LOL
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