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Nov 1, 2009
This may have been done, but thought I would post a list of just a few of my favorite cycling related websites. Some are stores, some just pictures. Post your's too please.

www.fixedgeargallery.com Cool fixed gear bike pictures.
www.foska.com Cool UK jerseys and jackets store
www.prendasciclismo.com Cool replica jerseys.
www.roadbikereview.com Good source of reviews and cycling forums, US.
www.bikeradar.com Another good source of reviews/industry news.
www.cyclingnews.com Name says it all.
www.velonews.com Good news source, US based.
www.classicrendezvous.com Tons of info/pictures on classic lightweights.
www.biketoolsetc.com Thousands of tools and hard to find parts.

General Cycling STORES:
www.wiggle.com Store.
www.competitivecyclist.com Store.
www.yellowjersey.org Old school cycle shop. Owner lived in Japan.
www.wrenchscience.com Store.
www.excelsports.com Store.
Podcasts too?

Thanks for those.
Anyone have any cycle related podcasts to liven my commute?:bike::bike3:
Podcast: The Real Peloton by Matt Rendell & Ned Boulting

Bloody brilliant!
I find weightweenies the most informative on cycling tech. The site itself doesn`t have that much updated info but the forum is the place to be and it`s not just purely about the lightest parts/equipment:


Also, as I`ve posted before I like slowtwitch. It is predominantly a triathlon site but there is a lot of training info and also cycling info. If you venture into the forum, you will find Gerard from Cervelo, `Super Dave` (Felt road brand manager) and other top honchos posting there from time to time. Even Lance, supposedly!


Don`t forget cycling fans for the coverage:

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