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Maximum Pace
Nov 4, 2006
...KIN' 'ELL!

Wrong place, wrong time! What else can you say?

In a way, I suppose I've been pretty lucky over the last 6 1/2 years of cycling. I have had accidents before, and despite a couple of them causing some serious injury, all of them had involved mama-charis - ie. Non-motorized vehicles - Until now, that is!

I won't bore you with too many details, as it was a fairly straightforward accident.
I was riding towards a T-junction in the left-hand lane. All of the cars in that lane had to turn left anyway, and (for a change) they all even had their indicators on. It seemed like nothing could go wrong... Except however, that the driver in question didn't intend on turning at the lights - He turned left about 8 meters before the intersection, into a smallish parking-lot . The only problem was that I was in the process of overtaking him as he made his turn. It was very easy to assume that he would also be travelling straight for another 8m before beginning his turn, like everyone else. As it is, my right hand hit (an knocked off) his left wing-mirror, causing my front wheel to veer right, and into the side of his car as I came down heavily on my left elbow - I want to pretend I didn't hear the "crack" over the sound of my bicycle hitting the pavement, but I knew straight away that it was probably broken (not being able to move in the full range of motion is usually an obvious sign).


An ambulance ride to the hospital, and an X-ray confirmed everything. Next was a trip to the police station, with my wife, to answer a few questions. Then, we both went to the scene of the mishap to pick up my bike, wrap it in plastic-bags, and finally lug it home on the train.







And the most obvious question: IS THE BIKE O.K?
Yes & no! Mostly yes, I think. Except the new hoods I replaced less than a year ago are broken. And I won't know if anything else is damaged until I ride it again, but did I mention, I'VE GOT A [email protected] BROKEN ELBOW! Sorry, I didn't mean to shout at you guys. Apparently, the doctor recommended I have surgery on it within a few weeks to avoid any possible permanent damage.
I am open to suggestions, if anyone knows a REALLY GOOD doctor. Normally, I wouldn't let any of these quacks within 10 feet of my person - Based on the Japanese university system of, "You pay, you pass!" - So as far as medical treatment is concerned, I will take personal recommendations quite seriously.
That said, the rest of me is O.K, and my arm doesn't even hurt that much - until I tense JUST the wrong muscle. So as long as I keep it still... Typing sucks, but you get that! My sense of humor is intact (although still not very FUNNY), and it tries to keep me company.
>Phil & Pete: I'm not sure I'll make it for the river ride this Saturday - Take a rain-check!




Speeding Up
Jan 30, 2011
I'm so sorry hear that you went down like that, but I'm glad you are ok. I had a similar run in a few weeks ago but came off with only bumps and bruises. I don't know of any good doctors but I hope you find a good one and heal quickly! Best of luck to you and you bike.


Speeding Up
Jun 13, 2007
ouch! Sorry to hear about it! Take your time to recover, Travis!

Looking at the picture of the scene - that looks like a damn treacherous place to turn! Thanks for posting it - gonna be on a lookout for things like that on my usual routes.


Speeding Up
Jul 13, 2010
Sorry to hear about this Travis.
I think it would be worth some time to look for a doctor/hospital that is used to treating these type in injuries.
I know a few professional motorcycle racers that keep braking bones and having these kind of surgeries.
I will do some research and get back to you..


Maximum Pace
Dec 3, 2010
I'm really sorry to hear this, I hope you find a good orthopedic surgeon :)


Maximum Pace
Sep 1, 2007
Ouch, really sorry to hear about the crash, Travis! Sounds like a bad one, but as always, it could have been worse, so silver lining and all that. Sense of humor is very important, glad yours is still in one piece :) Go easy on the recovery, no point in rushing things.

(Not to get to practical too soon, but that accident looks almost identical to mine, for which 90-10 against the car driver for insurance purposes is the baseline. Upshot is you should be covered for all expenses. I'll send a PM with my details.)


Maximum Pace
Jan 14, 2007
A very big OUCH indeed. Hope you heal fast. I'm sure you'll find a good doc.
My wife just had her knee done and she was very happy with the operation.
Matsudo Seikei geka. Shop around till you get the same recommendation a few times.
I guess they may put a plate in and a few screws???

(ask for titanium).


Maximum Pace
Oct 11, 2009
So sorry to hear this! Make sure they put your cast on the position you would normally grip the bars! (ala Jim Hurtubise), so you don't miss any training rides!


Maximum Pace
May 25, 2009
Exactly Same thing happened to me on Tuesday with a mini-van instead of turning left at the lights he shot into the company parking bay....tosser was on the phone too, I got away with a bruised arm and one life down.

As for suregy I had knee surgery here in Japan and was very, very impressed. Had it done at Kawasaki general hospital by the Japanese Olympic Surgeon, cost me 3800 JPY to be refered to him.

Yair also had surgery on his broken leg and seems to be happy with the treatment, although I will let him give you his opinion.


Maximum Pace
Jun 1, 2010
Wow Travis, I'm seriously sorry to hear that! Thankfully it wasn't worse! Obviously raincheck granted, mate! Take care and please, keep us updated on your progress.


Maximum Pace
Nov 10, 2009

Very sorry to hear about your accident and injury.

As for hospital recommendation - I had my femur surgery at Haruyama Geka Hospital in Shinjuku; they have vast experience in Orthopedic surgeries and seem to be highly professional.
If you want additional info, please let me know.

Wish you a speedy recovery!



Maximum Pace
Dec 14, 2006
Travis really sorry to hear about your almost brand new hoods. I got taken out the exact same way in Saitama a million years ago but nothing critical only a almost brand new Kestrel carbon frame fully kitted with Campy record, and a broken oinky. I'll ask my mate who is a top shoulder surgeon up here if he knows any one down there that does elbows. Hopefully he can recommend someone. He fixes up all the top base ball guys in Japan and they get elbows done sometimes. will PM you in a couple of days. what or where is the fracture? Keep you chin up (snicker snicker) and here's to a speedy recovery. Maybe finally it's a sign to get a new ride.


Speeding Up
Feb 15, 2007
Travis, sorry to hear about your accident. I hope you make a speedy recovery. Many excellent surgeons in Japan. You will have to do some research to find a specialist and may need an introduction from your GP.



Maximum Pace
Nov 11, 2007
Travis, oh man - bad news. I really hope you heal fast ready for Kusatsu.

I think you've already received some good recommendations for hospitals, but let me add one as well. They were really good when I fractured my hip (the main hospital I first went to sent me home saying I was just badly bruised!):

Not too close to you I'm afraid but maybe they might have recommendations for something in your area.

Get well soon --


Sep 2, 2009
Fuuuuuuuuuuck mate.

I can feel your pain right now.

I broke my right elbow in a similar fashion a couple of years ago (mine was a deep impact radial head fracture) so I really know how you feel.

It is going to take a fair while to get better, and you will be feeling the pain for the rest of your life when it gets cold (I feel mine on cold rides, and I am only 31). You will be alright though, overall.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you, as I was totally alone when I had to deal with mine, so I know the pain you must be in.

Looking forward to watching you race away in front of me when you get better.




The Crank Engine
Nov 1, 2005
Very sorry to hear about your accident, Travis! I wish you a speedy recovery!


Speeding Up
Jul 31, 2007
FAR.... I thought we were in for more epic ride plans through the night to far away and distant places.

I'm very sorry to hear about the crash Travis. I wish you a speedy recovery and hope that the bike is alright (was that new secret component on it yet?).



Speeding Up
Apr 26, 2010
Very glad you walked away from it. Good luck with the elbow surgery/treatment/recovery.
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