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Fall Foliage in Gunma


Speeding Up
May 24, 2010
I'm going to do a ride which I do every year (4th year now) through Gunma this Sunday on Nov 7th and would enjoy the company of anyone who would like to make it up into the Gunma mountains.

Ride starts at Shibukawa Station (Gunma). Take Limited Express Minakami #1
Leaves Ueno at 7h20
Leaves Omiya at 7h45 (I will get on at Omiya)
The unreserved seating usually does not fill up, even in busy times, so
unreserved seating should be fine. (Cost: about 3500yen)

From Shibukawa station climb to the top of Mt. Haruna and descend the
other side, through Sarugakyo Onsen and finish up in Minakami where we
go to an onsen and get on the train back. The goal is to get on the
16h44 Limited Express Minakami #6 from Minakami back arriving in Omiya
(18h44) and Ueno (19h13). Don't forget to bring a light. Also, bring a
windbreaker for the descents.
A map of the course can be found here :

Its about 90km of riding total with a significant amount of climbing.

Note: I have cross-posted this with Half-Fast
I didn't wind up making it out on this one this past Sunday (no takers) so I postponed it to this coming Sunday (Nov 14). Looks like the leaves should hold until then.
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